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Natural Health with a Chiropractor Loveland

Chiropractor Loveland, Loveland Family WellnessWelcome to Loveland Family Wellness!

At Loveland Family Wellness, we want to keep health care convenient for you. Our accessible location offers ample parking, same-day appointments and welcomes walk-ins to stop by. Loveland Chiropractor Dr. Donald Peterson uses his years of experience to your benefit, ensuring you get the head-to-toe attention you need to feel better and stay well.

A Comfortable, Comprehensive Approach

Our practice philosophy is based on seeing you promptly and helping you get well as quickly as possible. We find that our patients generally start seeing results within just a few adjustments, often reporting that they’re pain-free after a few more. Dr. Peterson’s gentle technique is based on Activator Methods┬«, which is a precise system of analyzation and correction using a noninvasive, low-force instrument.

Since our chiropractic care┬áinvolves a soft touch, it’s appropriate for everyone, from children to senior citizens, and athletes of all levels. We can treat every joint in the body with it, and nearly all your muscles, too. Our full-body approach isn’t just based on your spine but looks at the whole person. You’ll feel confident and comfortable knowing you’re in great hands.


content_our_officeWhat Will We Do for You?

As a chiropractor, Dr. Peterson focuses on making sure your nerve system works as it was designed to. When pressure is put on your nerves by bones that are out of place, your body can’t express health as it should. By removing these areas of pressure with instrument-based techniques, your body’s nerves will have open, healthy communication.

We’ll begin with comprehensive diagnostic testing to determine your needs, including X-rays, electrocardiograms (EKGs), lung function tests and can even send you out for blood work if necessary. Learn more about being a new patient with us.

Our friendly team is ready to help you. Contact us today! Chiropractor Loveland Dr. Peterson offers complimentary consultations so that you can find out more about what we do.