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How to Stop Taking Pain Medication


You may have heard the term “opioid epidemic”. There are a lot of different kinds of pain medications and it is easy to become dependent on them. If you find yourself taking them frequently for extended periods of time it can start to cause damage to your organs. To get rid of your dependence on this medication use healthier and more effective techniques to manage your pain.

Experiencing pain is part of the human experience. Bodies are wonderful but they can feel pain that hurts and makes it hard to live your day to day life. When something becomes too much to handle it is easy to turn to medication to help numb your pain. But these medications can come with harsh side effects that impact your body in negative ways. In more serious situations, people can develop an addiction to these powerful medications and will need professional help to overcome their dependence on these pills.

Think about taking pain medication. Does it help fix the actual problem? Most likely the answer is no. If you had a broken bone, taking pain medication may help your pain but it doesn’t get rid of the problem. Finding the problem and fixing it is the main hurdle when it comes to relieving pain. Start to change how you think about pain as more of a side effect than an actual cause.

First, we have to figure out is really causing the pain in your body. Pain doesn’t just happen. Once we have that figured out we have to decide what is the best way to get rid of whatever is causing you pain. These two steps are so important because if you aren’t treating the right problem your pain won’t go away. Pain medications only mask the pain, they don’t get straight to the source. If you get to the source, your pain will go away. If the pain has become too much, don’t turn straight to pills, try a different method to get rid of the pain. Ice packs, heating pads, and a variety of topical creams can help you beat the pain without needing to pop any pills.

Eating healthy is super important. Your body becomes inflamed when you are giving it the right nutrients. This causes pain throughout your body. Getting enough healthy fats in your system will help stop the inflammation and get rid of the pain.

The last, but certainly not least is constant and corrective care. This can be something that is as little as a once a month trip to the chiropractor if your back is feeling a little out of place. This takes care of the root problem, your misaligned spine, instead of just numbing the pain with medications. Going to see a massage therapist to get rid of tight muscles will be more effective in the long run because you are getting rid of the actual problem, not just the pain.

It may seem like a lot of work and strategizing, but your body and overall health will certainly thank you if you stop using pain medications on a regular basis. For more serious addictions, seeing a professional is the best place to start your recovery to a better life. Getting rid of the problem and not just the pain is the only solution that is effective and long-lasting.