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Loveland Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic Care Loveland for all agesAt Loveland Family Wellness, we take a head-to-toe look at your health to deliver the most effective care that your body needs. We’ll start with your ankles, making our way to your knees, hips and spine, utilizing testing that allows your body to show us where assistance is needed.

Dr. Peterson, Chiropractor Loveland, is an expert in the health of your nerve system. If there is pressure present on a nerve, it can show up as different forms of sickness, pain and disease. By removing this pressure, your nerve can communicate properly with the rest of your body.

Specific, Thorough Health Care

The gentle Activator┬« instrument is our primary method of adjusting, which we’ll demonstrate on your finger. It was developed in 1974, and Dr. Peterson honed his expertise with Dr. Fisher, the co-author of the textbook on the Activator. Rather than using force, the Activator concentrates on speed and precision. Dr. Peterson may also use a drop technique when needed. There are different additional therapies we offer to complement your chiropractic care, including

  • Flexion-distraction table
  • Interferential
  • Laser therapy

Beginning Your Healing

When you first begin care as a new patient, we’ll likely recommend more frequent visits to start your healing, tapering off as you get better. You may feel some soreness after your first adjustment, which is completely normal. If necessary, Dr. Peterson can refer you for blood work to understand exactly what your body requires to get better.

Are you wondering what we might be able to do for you? Contact us today to book a time for a complimentary consultation and discover the benefits of chiropractic care!

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