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Functional Medicine at
Loveland Family Wellness

Functional medicine is a natural and holistic approach to helping your body heal itself from within. It relies on testing to determine which nutrients, hormones and minerals are deficient or out of balance in your body, and then uses dietary changes and supplementation to correct the deficits.

Who Can Benefit From Functional Medicine?

At Loveland Family Wellness, we use functional medicine to help patients who aren’t responding as well to chiropractic care as we would like, or for patients who have reached a plateau in terms of healing. When this happens, it often means there is something going on in the body beyond what chiropractic care can address on its own. Functional medicine is a drug-free way to help alleviate disease and dysfunction.

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How It Works

If your healing is not progressing as well as Dr. Peterson thinks it should, he may recommend using functional medicine to locate and address the hidden obstacles to health. Alternatively, some patients come to us specifically for functional medicine—and that’s fine, too!

To start with, you’ll have a consultation with Dr. Peterson, and he’ll explain what he thinks may be going on.

He will give you a referral to the testing lab we work with, where they will draw blood and run a number of specific tests. One test is a glucose test, which will require you to fast for a certain amount of time before the test.

The results will be emailed to us, and Dr. Peterson will explain all the results and what they mean at your follow-up appointment. Based on your individual testing, he will recommend specific supplements or dietary changes to help your body move in the right direction. We offer Biotics Research® supplements, which are well-researched, top quality and tested for purity.

We repeat testing every three to six months to monitor your progress.

Find Out More

If you think functional medicine may be a good approach for you, contact us today to learn more or to book your initial consultation with Dr. Peterson.

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