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New Patients at Loveland Family Wellness

We make it simple to get started with care at Loveland Family Wellness—you don’t have to do anything or bring anything except yourself! We even accept same-day appointments.

Your First Visit

Woman completing paperworkOur initial consultation and examination is quite thorough, and we suggest you plan on being here for about an hour. After we greet you and help you with any paperwork, you’ll sit down for an in-depth conversation with Dr. Peterson, who will go over your health history and current condition or concerns. He will also find out about your goals for care, such as whether you’re looking for simple pain relief or a more long-term approach to overall health.

Then Dr. Peterson will conduct a physical examination, including muscle testing and other evaluations to locate the underlying cause of your pain or dysfunction. If X-rays are needed to confirm your diagnosis, we will take those as well. Dr. Peterson will explain everything he’s doing and answer any of your questions.

Your Second Visit

Based on the results of your examinations and any imaging, at your second visit we will do a “test” adjustment. This is to determine how your body responds to care and gives us valuable information about how to tailor your unique care plan.

Your Third Visit

Dr. Peterson will do muscle testing to determine how your body responded to your first adjustment. He’ll explain what he found in his initial examinations, what he did in your test adjustment and how your body responded. Then he’ll lay out his recommendations for care going forward, as well as all costs involved. If you’re ready to begin, you’ll receive your full adjustment and any other recommended therapies at this visit.

Affordable Care

We keep our fees affordable to ensure that everyone has access to safe, natural health care. We also offer our FMP Discount, which includes a free examination for firefighters, police and military personnel (X-rays not included).

We accept all major credit cards, and you may use your HSA.

Book Today

Contact Loveland Family Wellness today to get started with care.

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